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Public & Catholic Schools Serving Caledon

Public Schools in Caledon

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Allan Drive Middle School
254 Allan Drive
Bolton ON L7E 1R9

Grade 6 to Grade 8
(Extended French & Music Programs)


Alloa Public School
1248 Mayfield Rd,
Caledon ON L7C 0Y7

Kindergarten to Grade 6


Alton Public School
19657 Main Street
Alton ON L7K 0E1

Kindergarten to Grade 6


Belfountain Public School
17247 Shaws Creek Rd
Belfountain ON L7K 0E8

Kindergarten to Grade 6
(Services Inglewood & Belfountain)


Caledon Central Public School
18357 Kennedy Rd.
Caledon ON L7K 1Y7

Kindergarten to Grade 8
(Feeds from Belfountain & Alton)


Caledon East Public School
15738 Airport Road
Caledon East ON L7C 2W8

Kindergarten to Grade 8


Credit View Public School
13990 Mississauga Rd
Caledon ON L7C 1W4

Kindergarten to Grade 8
(Services Terra Cotta & Cheltenham)


Ellwood Memorial Public School
35 Ellwood Drive E.
Bolton ON L7E 2A7

Kindergarten to Grade 5 905.857.3021

Herb Campbell Public School
3749 King Street
Caledon ON L7C 0T6

Grade 1 to Grade 8
(French Immersion)


Humberview Secondary School
135 Kingsview Drive
Bolton ON L7E 3V8
Grade 9-12
(High School French Immersion)

James Bolton Elementary School
225 Kingsview Drive
Bolton ON L7E 3X8

Kindergarten to Grade 5 905.857.2666

7280 King Street
Caledon ON L7C 0S3

Kindergarten to Grade 8


Mayfield Secondary School
5000 Mayfield Road
Caledon ON L7C 0Z5

Grade 9 to Grade 12
& North Peel Arts Program


Palgrave Public School
8962 Patterson Sideroad
Palgrave ON L7E 0L2

Kindergarten to Grade 8 905.880.0361


Catholic Schools

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Holy Family Elementary School
61 Allan Drive
Bolton ON L7E 1P7
Kindergarten to
Grade 8
Pope John Paul II Elementary School
9094 Bolton Heights Rd.
Bolton ON L7E 5R8
Jr. Kindergarten to
Grade 8
Robert F.Hall Secondary School
6500 Old Church Rd.
Caledon East ON L7C 0H3
Grade 9 to Grade 12
(and French Immersion)

St. Cornelius
R.R. # 1
Caledon East ON L0N 1E0

Kindergarten to Grade 8
(and French Immersion)
St. John The Baptist Elementary School
299 Landsbridge Street
Bolton ON L7E 2K4
Jr. Kindergarten to
Grade 8
St. Nicholas Elementary School
120 Harvest Moon Drive
Bolton ON L7E 2W1
Jr. Kindergarten to
Grade 8
St. Patrick Separate School
11948 The Gore Rd
Brampton ON L6P 0A2
Jr. Kindergarten to Grade 8 905.794.0411
St. Peter Elementary School
46 Dawson Road
Orangeville ON L9W 2W3
Jr. Kindergarten to
Grade 8
St. Rita Elementary School
30 Summer Valley Drive
Brampton ON L6Z 4V6
Jr. Kindergarten to
Grade 8