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Michele’s Top 3 Reason to Live In Brampton

  • Location: Brampton is close to EVERYTHING! Whether you want to head into Toronto for the evening or catch an international flight, you are only minutes away. Plus, it has direct routes up to cottage country. If you need to be in the “thick of things”, Brampton is the place to be
  • Brampton is a vibrant city – One of Canada’s fastest growing cities, Brampton has created a place that is fun to live in or visit. Garden Square reminds me of the European town square where everybody meets. Watch an outdoor movie, walk to the Rose Theatre or one of the many pubs & restaurants in the neighbourhood.
  • Recreational facilities: I love the Etobicoke Creek Trail; you can walk, cycle or cross-country ski almost the full north/south expanse of Brampton. Brampton has invested heavily in recreational facilities for year-round fitness, health & just pure enjoyment!

Brampton has a full range of housing that you would expect from a city of approximately 600,000 people. Condos start just over $200,000 with higher-end house topping the $2.2 million mark.


Browse the City of Brampton website; you’ll be astounded at what this dynamic city has to offer!www.Brampton.ca